Front-End Developer

Nha Trang, Full Time.


  • Build responsive and interactive websites, working closely with our team of designers and our clients. Slick animation, beautiful scrolling, stunning transitions
  • Follow best practices and coding standards to ensure we have clean HTML and CSS, and things work smoothly regardless of the browser or device
  • Collaborate with designers to build UI/UX competency across the teams, and be proactively involved in the design stages. We are looking for someone with both the designing and programming mindsets
  • Work as part of a team to meet demanding project requirements
  • Stay motivated and up-to-date on the latest developments and trends in web design & development
  • Work with QA to achieving high code coverage.


  • Strong UI/UX experience
  • Comfortable with hand-crafting HTML/CSS that are elegant, hack-free, accessible and standard compliant
  • Strong experience with building responsive and cross-platform websites, using a mobile-first approach
  • Experience using a CSS preprocessor like SASS, LESS or Stylus
  • Solid understanding of JavaScript
  • Able to work with the tools and artefacts produced by designers

Bonus points:

  • Good working experience with a framework or library like jQuery, Backbone, Angular, React
  • Comfort with employing various Node.js based tools like NPM, Bower, Grunt, Gulp or Yeoman in the development work-flow
  • Experienced using Photoshop or other graphics editors
SVG Illustration